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The Indian Owners Association (hereafter referred to as the IOA) forum Rules:

This forum is a tool. It's sole purpose is to serve as a communication medium between members and nothing more. Taken down to it's most simplistic level it is 1's and 0's floating around in space. It is not the Ark of the Covenant. It is not the Magna Carta. It is not even a knock off of the Holy Bible. It is simply a place for all of us to come together for friendship, stories, help, laughs and support. As such;

Members agree to represent the IOA at all times in a positive manner. Criticism and attacks on fellow members will not be tolerated and can lead to suspension and or outright banning of membership. We are guests in this house and are expected to behave as one.

Same goes for attacks on other rider groups. Worry less about theirs and more about ours. You are no longer representing just yourself when you are among other riders, you are agreeing to represent the IOA as well. Strive to make the IOA the premiere riders association by leading, supporting, assisting. If we need to spell it out to make it plain enough we can.

Copying and pasting to other websites without the author's express authorization is bad form and likely to lead to a suspension or banning. Simple and short solution - don't do it.

Porn - This is a motorcycle site but due to the demographics of our members it is also a quasi family site. Many members and their significant others are members here. Nudity is neither encouraged or requested. An occasional appropriate photo can make it's way on here from time to time (You decide if it's appropriate or not) but we ask you refrain from making it a habit to post nude and semi nude photos.

Requests for support on the forum can be sent to
I am on the internet a lot and can generally resolve most issues quickly. No matter what, we will get you taken care of and posting in no time flat.

Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to many years of fun with you.

The Indian Owners Association
I make a motion that we accept the bylaws as presented.
Seems simple enough. We can always add or subtract via amendments. Great job! It has my vote! Buddy Green
Simple and straight forward. Aye
Forum rules are pretty straight forward.
hey guys...Wrong thread....This is just some forum rules....Look for the IOA By-Laws post....Thanks
For what it's worth, I vote Aye
(02-09-2015 02:17 PM)Sparks11 Wrote: [ -> ]For what it's worth, I vote Aye

Could you go to the other By-Laws page and vote please...thanks
Are there any members from MT that we could get a local group together?
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