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The CCT is a fine ride , wish I had gotten the Cross Country Tour instead of just the Cross Country, but wasn't that familiar with Victory at the Time ..
I literally just walked in the door after taking Dad's bike out for a quick spin. Spent some time running up and down the driveway , doing figure 8's at each end... then took off down the road to get the carbon out. Doesn't have the same torque curve as the TS111, but easily gets to 100 and cruises smoothly ...

Sweet Ride.....
Didn't see this posted anywhere else , still trying to find my way around, but when saw the picture of the Slingshot figured this might be as good a place to post it as any if haven't heard about it yet .. Is a Recall of Steering Bearings that could cause loss of Steering Control .. steering box needed. No.issues/symptoms with mine. Drifts well thoughWink
(01-21-2015 10:42 AM)rickkcir Wrote: [ -> ] steering box needed. No.issues/symptoms with mine. Drifts well thoughWink

New tires yet??
Not yet... wait.. well .. sorta' ..

Only 700 miles on it... went down to local dealer to discuss recall, etc.... when leaving, I did what I've done at this dealer for the last five years or so. I sat on a Ninja 1400 and a 'Busa ... Then we play the 'nah... just dreaming' game, and I leave..

but.. last night ....things went sideways.... I succumbed... came home with two new tires, mounted to wheels that are attached to a '14 ZX1400R
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