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Full Version: wtb Indian mc carpet/welcome mat etc
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can anyone steer me in the direction of where to buy a Indian mc carpet/rug/welcome mat thing you put on the floor. I checked ebay and didn't see anything. l prefer new, but would buy used if it's not too worn.
I know two of our Sponsors has the Indian Mats you speak of....Mark Moses at Charlotte and Rob Gregory in Little Rock....Contact one of these guys and they will fix you up!!
All the Indian Dealers have access to them...
I haven't thrown any money to moses in along time.
I just checked his website and can't find them.
I may be overlooking them though. I'll search harder later. I'm gettin pretty dang tired
(01-28-2015 09:20 PM)rickkcir Wrote: [ -> ]All the Indian Dealers have access to them...
Hey I'm promoting our Sponsors...LOL...Oh and one other place to check is Heritage Indian in Rogers....
I just got ahold of a part number.
I'll call the dealer monday
it makes a nice transition from the kitchen to the living room.
if anybody comes up with a differant one please let me know.
thanks guys!

[Image: 20150209_182307_zps9d62a750.jpg]
That is DAMN NICE!!
I'll give you 25 bucks for it RIGHT now if you'll deliver.
but this is a genuine MADE IN CHINA Indian rug!
it's gotta be worth more than that.
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