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RE: 75th Sturgis Rally - Hunters Friend - 01-17-2015 08:12 AM

WOW! What a chickenshit move by the city.

To me, that is akin to someone who was married with kids before - got divorced - got remarried with new kids and signing a declaration that the new kids are the "official" kids of the parents. (Although the previous kids are welcome to swing by from time to time...)

I literally scoured the page you uploaded just to make sure it wasn't some crank site like the Onion and still cannot believe I read that. Unreal

RE: 75th Sturgis Rally - KC Cheef - 01-17-2015 02:40 PM

Well? If Indian Riders will live up to their past legacy I doubt the ''partnership'' will mean much.
Pappy and Pearl would likely just get a good laugh at the Johnny come lately wannabe's to their rally.
Is what it is and lawyering and money exchange should not make a big difference.

RE: 75th Sturgis Rally - slugomn - 01-29-2015 09:24 PM

We will be there, Indian put on a great party and ride last year.

RE: 75th Sturgis Rally - Hunters Friend - 01-29-2015 09:53 PM

(01-29-2015 09:24 PM)slugomn Wrote:  We will be there, Indian put on a great party and ride last year.

You FINALLY wrote. I wondered what happened to you after you were activated.

RE: 75th Sturgis Rally - slugomn - 02-01-2015 10:25 PM

We should all meet up out there, maybe for the Indian ride.

RE: 75th Sturgis Rally - NDNRider - 02-04-2015 03:53 PM

And.... My son will be there with his 2014 Chieftain as well.
(01-09-2015 03:31 PM)NDNRider Wrote:  
(01-03-2015 09:39 PM)Eagle Wrote:  How many IOA members are going to the 75th Sturgis Rally this year.
I am planning to be there. God, and my left arm allowing..... Cool

They all love my Indian (Loved before the crash), but you know how hard it is to get a guy to trade his late model HD for a real motorcycle. Just think how much it would cost to replace all the T-Shirts Tongue They will love my new Roadmaster even more when Rob Gregory gets done with the paint and goodies!
(01-16-2015 06:44 PM)rickkcir Wrote:  
(01-16-2015 10:43 AM)NDNRider Wrote:  I plan on going with my son & my regular riding buddies. 4 bikes, 2 will be Indians...... I am working on converting the other 2.

Should be easy .. find some steep inclines... make sure they are behind you ... when they see the you not having to shift , burning up the hills and turns, as they are running through the gears..... it begins.... they begin to .. wonder... want ..... desire..


RE: 75th Sturgis Rally - satman101 - 02-05-2015 10:12 PM

I will be paid to be there!! I will be there about a week or so early to set up wifi for the downtown area so that people's cell phones will continue to work and not overload the cell network. I've been in on this setup the past 2 or 3 years.