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1947 Torque Four: the Last Indian Four.
10-11-2017, 11:04 AM
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1947 Torque Four: the Last Indian Four.
As we've discussed before, Indian's history is littered with fascinating 'might have been' motorcycles, many of which were far ahead of their time.
The 1947 Torque Four is one of those ultra-rare animals.
We discussed previously the disastrous Indian vertical twins, and the problems they had, but really, they were a good idea, with poor execution and REALLY poor timing.
Ralph Rogers, in his attempt to revive Indian, had enlisted well-respected engineer Briggs Weaver (he who was father of the skirted-fendered Indians) to help in this endeavor. Briggs had been working for the Torque Engineering company, and had this idea for small, lightweight bikes, like the Europeans. They were to have interchangeable parts, including cylinders, and thus were in displacements of 220 and 440cc's.
They had also worked on this puppy, using four of the 220 cc cylinders to form an 880cc inline four cylinder. The idea was pretty good...unfortunately, the problems with the other verticals pretty much scuttled the plans for this thing. Plus, there was the fact that it turned out that it would likely cost far more to manufacture than they had originally calculated, when Indian had no money to spare.
Well, that was that.
This bike was owned for many years by Dr. William Patt, and I understand he donated it to the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. It was on display for some time at the National Motorcycle Museum.
I have heard tell that there were more than one of these, possibly as many as three, but I have no confirmation of that.
Yet another fascinating 'swing and a miss' by Indian.
Now you know.
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