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Full Version: Dirty Bird Concepts Air Cleaner
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Dirty Bird Concepts Air Cleaner installed my 2014 Indian Chieftain
Did you have it painted to match or were you able to order it that way? How much was it?


I had it painted that way. Cost is $300 plus paint. Im still waiting on the final paint cost.
(01-03-2015 10:25 PM)Eagle Wrote: [ -> ]Dirty Bird Concepts Air Cleaner installed my 2014 Indian Chieftain

I think this was a Home Run!!
Did your dealer do the reflash? My dealer told me if I put a different (other than Indian brand) air cleaner on my bike, I will have to put an aftermarket tuner on it.They can only do a reflash with the Indian brand because it comes with a code they input into their scanner.
Dealer will sell you a card for 40 bux with Reflash code. Well, except for your dealer. They are morons apparently
I've seen more and more AC's out there for the new ones.....I just haven't made the plunge yet....So far Eagle has the best one I have looked at so far...That Copper Leaf made it POP for sure!! Congrats
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