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Full Version: Yes, the forum was offline today for about 10 minutes
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We may have to up our hosting plan to accommodate more traffic. Just be patient for the time being, but trust that we are aware of the issue and looking into it.

Thanks, Mike
Hum...You posted this at 6:38am....I get up at 6:30 so I must have missed this in the morning routine...But I think it is going well and the forum keeps getting better and better....
I thought we had been HACKED!!!!
No, nothing like that. We bought lite with the understanding that we may or may not grow and probably our basic service is not going to be sufficient for the coming months and we will probably have to drop the shared hosting plan we are on right now. It is really not much of a problem just more expense.

Will let it play out for the time being and see how it goes. Haven't seen anything since so it may be a glitch....
On the phone with GoDaddy at this moment - will resolve this today as we cannot keep going offline.
We are level 3 now on our hosting. Should be the end of the problems until we hit 2,000 or more members. Smile
Still working through it folks. Just be patient if you run into any issues. It is a growing process - not a Polaroid. Wink
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