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Full Version: Indian Charlotte says Hello
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Hi everyone!

I am so impressed with what I see here so far. Congratulations to all for the hard work and passion you have poured in to this group. I know many of you and look forward to meeting those who our paths have yet to cross.

I have been an Indian Dealer for 3 generations of the brand and have collected Springfield Indians for more then 3 decades. I am usually pretty quiet on the forums but visit often to see if I can add anything of value. If I can ever help anyone, please feel free to reach out.

If your travels ever take you through the Charlotte area, I would love to share some fellowship and show you around.


I received your application today. Thanks for your support, look forward to your insights, especially from a dealer perspective.
I thought about it the other day and it came to me "I have known Mark for almost 7 years now" - incredible....

One of the most amazing and decent people I have ever had the pure joy to meet. I generally keep my mouth shut about all things Indian around Mark as I don't want to come across as an imbecile. He is wicked in his knowledge of the brand and is generous sharing it.

I LOVE having Mark here and thank him again for supporting the IOA.
It's great to have you here Mark....Awesome to have someone so knowledgeable of the Indian Brand in this group...Looking forward to many years of communication and help with the IOA...Experience is highly respected....We will need lots of help from more experienced people within the Association to keep us on the right path as we search for the Riders group we want to become.. Means a lot to hear you voice your Acknowledgement!!
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