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Full Version: Problem downloading large files
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I am able to access a number of large files that I would like to begin transferring to this site.
I get an error message that the file is too large for download.
Any way around that?
Lot of info collected and I would like to see it available and shared.
Mostly Gilroy and a lot that is good info but hard to find.
I do have a KM manual or two that I would like to download also.
There is another site out there that I am sure has accessed it but I would like to get it together in one place that I am allowed into.
Can you give me some sort of idea of how large some of these files are?
I had to go to photobucket and reduce the file size in order to post the By-Laws for review....You will probably have to do the same thing...
I will do a write-up on how to do this easily on
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