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Full Version: Sharing LARGE files
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Here on the IOA we have a size limit on hosted files of 1 MB or less. The reason for this is quite simple - bandwidth.

Our service with GoDaddy is a Pro service for hosting but it has it's limitations. For example, once we achieve 2,000 plus members or more we will have to upgrade. Another is file hosting and size. At this time our service is about $10 a month. If we have to change over to a dedicated server the price will escalate to about $150 a month and that is not something we want or can afford. Plus, there is a dedicated server tech fee which can be even more spendy. Anywhere from $300 a month on up or $150 an hour depending on the route we go.

A website like VTwin forum or Democratic Underground would have enormous server requirements and I would guess their monthly bills are $500 or more.

To offset that, we have to take some small steps. File size is one of those

If you have a large file you would like to share with the forum simply open an account with The service is free and VERY easy to use.

First go to 4 Shared and register an account. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail which will lead you through the steps to activate your account. Once confirmed, simply log into 4Shared and select the file you want to share with the community and upload it to 4Shared.

After the upload is complete you will receive a link for the file or picture. Simply place that link here in the forum and wa-la! You are now sharing the files with the forum and no load to us is lost.

If you need any help with these steps let me know and I will talk you through them.

Have a good one, Mike
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