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Full Version: A request to the IOA
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I had mentioned this once before and would like to formalize my request now that some time has eclipsed.

Our association has it's whole future in front of it and the desire from everyone in the group to create a massively successful venture. So far, I am exceedingly pleased with the way it has went and look forward to a great tomorrow.

With that said - I would like to ask consideration for a 10%'ers club. The idea is very simple in fact. We would suggest and vote on 10 charities that the IOA will support as agreed upon by the IOA members. Each year 10% of our gross revenue will be donated to all 10 of the charities we support at 1% each.

For simplicity's sake let's say it like this:
The IOA has raised $10,000
10% of that is $1,000
Each of the charities would receive a check from the IOA in the amount of $100 (or 1%)

That may seem like a paltry amount but consider this. If the day comes that our association hits 1,000 members that would be roughly $50,000 in the account. Now the checks are $500 which in my mind is nothing to sneeze at. And yes - I do believe 100% that we will achieve a membership count of 1,000 or more. It think it is inevitable.

I can think of 2 charities that are currently being supported already in the association. The Shriner's Children Hospital and The Ronald McDonald House. I would like to nominate both of these as official charities recognized by the IOA for future support.

So I put this out there for everyone else. Is the idea a good one? Bad? Need changes? I would be very interested in hearing other people's opinions on this.
I am in full support of this as we are filing to be a non profit association...Charity is an important part of my personal life and have a lot of love for associations and clubs who open up their hearts for a good cause..
I am in agreement. Would like to see a list of prospective charities. I would suggest St Jude Hospital as one.
Tom Benton

Daytona Donnie

I think it's a great idea!! I am in full support of this.
I'm all in. Great idea.
Wounded Warriors !!!
National Autism Association
Wounded Warriors and St. Jude's are both excellent choices.
Agreed on Ronald McDonald House, St. Jude's, and Shriners.
Wounded Warriors I would suggest some in depth research on before donating to them.
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