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Full Version: CKelly's bikes
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[Image: IMG_1117_zpsae9f4e55.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0993_zps9d81b9e4.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0482_zps23181133.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2729.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2721.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2244-1.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1680.jpg]
Her's the old lady on her Indian.
[Image: 12-03-2013095018PM_zpsbf8647d8.png]

Dam I forgot one of mine.
[Image: IMG_2819.jpg]
Beautiful bikes Charles
Great looking stable of Ponies
(01-04-2015 08:49 AM)Hunters Friend Wrote: [ -> ]Beautiful bikes Charles

Thanks Mike. I almost had the one you got. I got the 01 Chief from him. The one with the sidecar on it. While I was there we were talking about that one also. The problem I had, was the trailer. I didn't have a place to put it. I love that bike.
Nice bikes CKelly.
I favor the black and white.
(01-05-2015 04:16 PM)KC Cheef Wrote: [ -> ]Nice bikes CKelly.
I favor the black and white.

What you don't like fringe any more????
I will clarify CKelly.
I like the black and white ALMOST as much as a fringed bike.
Your old Black and Red is pretty damn nice.
shouldn't these be in the "for the ladies" section?
They will be when I'm dead
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