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Approval - Hunters Friend - 10-11-2017 07:13 AM

On the 9th of October, 2018 we were given the go ahead from Guinness World Records to pursue bringing the record home to Branson from Twin Citys Indian.

The current record stands at 274 and should be beaten easily.

So, with that out of the way, let's post what the rules for this are. As I have said before, this is actually pretty simple. I will need to review a couple of other details but for the most part it is straightforward.
I will post all of the standard requirements here for you to read and eventually transfer it over to the IOA forum to discuss further.
Let's get busy and bring the record back home where it belongs - IN BRANSON!
Application Reference: 170606173546lpoi
Hello Michael Kugler
We are pleased to inform you that your application has been accepted under the following title: Largest parade of Indian Motorcycles.
When you visit your online Application Summary using the link below, you will be able to view both the details of the current record to beat (or minimum requirement for an open record title) and the Record Guidelines for this record title. You can also download the Record Guidelines by clicking on View Guidelines. Records are being attempted every day, so check your profile again before your attempt to see if the record to beat has changed.
The Record Guidelines detail the rules which must be followed during your attempt for this Guinness World Records title. Each point of the Guidelines must be followed by anyone attempting this record. You must ensure that everyone involved in your record attempt, including participants, stewards and witnesses are familiar with the Guidelines.
Before the attempt, make sure you read carefully the document called Guide to Your Evidence, which you can view and download from your Online Application Summary. The Guide to Your Evidence document contains important information on the evidence we require and how to submit it online, as well as some templates which you can use to document your record.
If you do not follow the Record Guidelines or do not provide all the evidence we request, your application may be rejected.
After the attempt, you do not need to send the evidence by post: you can upload it (including scanned documents, videos and pictures) on the Guinness World Records website.
You need to upload all the documents listed in the Evidence checklist on the Application Summary. Just click on Add files and select the files you want to upload. You can send us URLS, in the Add text (e.g. URL) field, just click on the PLUS symbol every time you add one.
When you have uploaded everything, remember to click on Send Evidence!
If you have any questions for the Records Management Team, you can send us a message using the Correspondence function at the bottom of your Application Summary page. We will try to reply as soon as we can, our current reply times for Correspondence is up to 2 weeks.
Good luck with your record attempt and we look forward to receiving your evidence.
Kind regards
Records Management Team
Guinness World Records
Please make sure you follow ALL these rules:
a) The parade may not take place on public highways unless those highways have been officially closed for the record attempt. Proof of official closure should be submitted with the evidence pack.
b) The parade route must be marked.
c) If the parade is for motorized road vehicles, then all drivers must hold a full driving license.
d) If the parade is for motorized road vehicles, then license plate numbers of all vehicles participating in the parade must be provided.
e) All vehicles participating in this world record attempt must be moving – it is not acceptable merely to park them in a row.
f) The minimum distance of the parade must be at least 3.2 km. (2 miles) from the starting point to the finish (all vehicles must cross the start line and drive the length of the route to the finish line). The only exception is for parades taking place on water (e.g. ‘Largest parade of paddle boarders’), for which the parade route must be at least 1.6 km. (1 mile). Proof of course length must be submitted. The length of the line created by the vehicles may be recorded for interest but is not relevant to the record attempt.
g) If a vehicle cannot complete the route, that vehicle must be deducted from the total count.
h) Stewards must be positioned at 1 km intervals along the course to observe any vehicles who leave the course before completing the required distance. Stewards must then report their observations to the independent witnesses, so that any non-compliant participants can be deducted from the final total.
i) There must be no significant ‘gaps’ in the flow of vehicles. The vehicles in the parade may not be more than two vehicle-lengths apart during the parade.
j) The name of the organisation, company or person(s) making the attempt must be given, along with the date and place.
k) The event should take place in a public place or in a venue open to public inspection.
l) All record attempts must take place in restricted areas with entrances and exits clearly marked and controlled. Indoor attempts must take place in a room designated for the attempts, and outdoor attempts must be secured with fences or other physical barriers.
m) The number of vehicles must be accurately confirmed by a method approved by Guinness World Records. Please see the “ACCEPTABLE COUNTING METHODS” section of document. Any method other than those listed must be pre-approved by Guinness World Records.
n) Specific measures must be in place to ensure vehicles are not counted twice.
o) Venues and verification methods can be sent for approval using the Correspondence function within your application. Attachments such as venue layouts can be uploaded via the Evidence function. You do not need to use the Submit Evidence button after uploading; as long as you write to us in Correspondence and make sure to save the changes to your application, the materials will appear for
p) The entire attempt must be filmed. Both the entrances and the exit must be monitored by uncut, time-stamped video, which must be submitted with the evidence.
q) An aerial photo of the vehicles or a photo showing the parade must be submitted, in addition to the standard photos of the attempt when under duration. WITNESS REQUIREMENTS
• The role of an independent witness, or in certain cases, the auditing firm, is to oversee the attempt as a whole and confirm the final total after having observed the entire process. They must be made aware of all specific guidelines in order to confirm that all have been adhered to.
• At least two independent witness statements must confirm the exact and final figure of the total vehicles as well as attest that all guidelines were followed during the attempt.
• The independent witnesses must personally perform the counting process or directly observe it.
• One of the independent witnesses must be a specialist independent witness who can confirm that all participating vehicles are of the correct type for this record attempt. Examples of suitable independent witnesses for this category are race engineer; automotive design engineer; specialist motorsport journalist or other expert; or committee member of a relevant automotive club or association. Other types of expert may but accepted, but the applicant should confirm their suitably with their Record Manage prior to the attempt.
• All attempts of greater than 5,000 vehicles must be overseen by a professional auditing firm, with a report submitted by the auditor(s) present at the attempt containing all details of verification as well as the final total. This report is required in addition to the two independent witness statements. ACCEPTABLE COUNTING METHODS Vehicles must be counted individually by an efficient, accurate method upon entering the venue. The below counting methods are acceptable when performed accurately and in accordance with all guidelines outlined above. Guinness World Records may accept additional methods, provided these methods are pre-approved.
• Barcoded ticketing system – Tickets obtained prior to the event are scanned as vehicles enter and the scanner registers the number of tickets. If vehicles pre-register online and obtain a personalized barcode, the machine can also register their names and other information.
• Wristbands – These can be barcoded (as with a ticketing system) or individually numbered and handed out in order by independent individuals at the entrances.
• Turnstiles – Counters on each turnstile record the number of people passing through into the attempt area. Please make sure you supply the following evidence:
• One cover letter explaining the context of the record attempt. Please indicate the date, time and exact location of the record attempt, your chosen witnesses and your record attempt measurement. Also please provide full details of the person(s)/organisation attempting the record including details on the preparation for the attempt.
• Two independent witness statements confirming that the rules above have been adhered to and must explicitly state the exact and final figure of the total vehicles. Statements must describe the counting process and overall attempt in detail. One of these statements must be prepared by a specialist independent witness, as described under ‘Witness Requirements’ above.
• Where a venue has 5000 vehicles or more an official auditor’s report must be submitted from an independent, professional auditing firm and must confirm the exact and final figure of the total vehicles taking into account any vehicles whom the stewards deducted from the total, as well as all details of the verification process.
• Photographic evidence of your attempt taking place capturing the details provided by the independent witnesses. The photographic evidence must include an aerial photo of the crowd or a photo showing the entire group.
• Video evidence of the entire record attempt, from start to finish that enables us to confirm the measurement achieved, that the guidelines have been adhered to and verify the details provided by the independent witnesses. In addition, all entrances and exits must be monitored on video and the counting process must be clearly visible in the video too.
• Schedule 2 should be signed by you when you are sending in evidence which you either own or have permission to allow Guinness World Records to use.
• If you include any photographs or video in your evidence which you do not own or have permission to allow Guinness World Records to use, then you must include Schedule 3. • Media articles (newspaper, online, TV or radio) should be submitted as part of the evidence requirements. This is not compulsory evidence. Please read the Guide to Your Evidence document, where you will find further information about the evidence requirements and evidence templates. It is paramount this document is read before you submit your evidence.