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Indian Engines
10-11-2017, 10:22 AM
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Indian Engines
One of the great things about Indian is that, unlike Harley-Davidson, they are not handcuffed to the V-twin engine. Although there IS an undeniable link to the venerable American 'potato-potato' engine, Indian has had, at some point, about every other common motorcycle configuration of engine you can imagine, (except maybe a rotary or a diesel), in their bikes.
This gives them huge flexibility going forward, to develop whatever engine they feel will sell in the marketplace, whereas with HD, the loyalists will break out the pitchforks and torches for any deviation from the V-twin orthodoxy.
Here are some fun old Indian engines....
The horizontally opposed 'Model O' engine. Mounted IN LINE with the frame!
The transverse mounted V twin (which Indian had 25 YEARS before Moto Guzzi! It also had SHAFT drive... Indian has always been the forward engineering company. It was those damn financial decisions that kept torpedoing them...)
The vertical twins. They were meant to compete with the British bikes, but they were sunk by a combination of poor initial Q/A and the devaluation of the pound sterling.
Last, the hallowed Indian Four.
Probably no motorcycle engine is more revered, storied and legendary.
So...Which direction will Indian take, eh?
The twins? The four? Shaft drive?
They are ALL there, in the history of the marque.
In the words of the classic David Essex song, "Rock On":
"Where do we go"
Now you know...
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